About Cindy

The Early Years

I was ten years old the first time I lead a group exercise class to over one hundred people on my school yard. I remember the feeling of seeing everyone smile, move, and laugh in unison. It was the most beautiful and magical thing I had ever seen. From that point on, I knew what my purpose was.

I grew up as a competitive tennis athlete. I was ranked #1 in doubles and was ranked in the top 50 in singles in Northern California. My dream was to go pro one day. But eventually that dream faded as I wanted to explore more of what life had to offer me because I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like that tennis was my identity when I knew there was more to who I am. I became scared, anxious, and confused. I asked myself, “Where can I go now, what can I offer the world?”

I struggled with the trap of society telling me what I “should” be. I was crushed by the thought of living by other people’s expectations. There was so much pressure around my sexuality, career, sports I played, or what kind  life I’m supposed to be living. I wanted to rebel against the traditional path and live life on my own terms, but it was very scary and I felt alone.

The Struggle

Fall 2008, I checked myself into the emergency room thinking I was about to have a heart attack. The doctor told me I was 100% healthy but I was experiencing vertigo and major anxiety. He suggested I go on anxiety medication. I refused to as I knew there had to be another way.

After graduating from college in 2009, I was still having anxiety attacks and felt paralyzed by confusion of my identity. I felt depressed, I was in a state of despair, I felt worthless, and I felt like my life had no meaning. At that point I had enough of it and told myself to look within. My inner knowing told me in order to be happy with my life, I needed to reconnect to my gifts, my passions, and serve others. This brought me back to my ten year old self when I wad leading that exercise class. This purpose of wanting to serve had gotten lost somehow growing up as a young adult.

The Death and Rebirth

So I went on a transformational journey to rediscover myself, ignite my fire, reclaim who I was as a woman, and reconnect to my creative genius. I traveled by myself to Thailand to connect with my familial roots, climbed mountains, and fell in love with someone. Along the way I met amazing mentors, coaches, and teachers who shifted my belief that I can do the work I truly desired and LOVED!

After becoming a yoga teacher, personal trainer, community builder, and entrepreneur helping women build their confidence; I met up with angel investor and best selling author of “The Four-Hour Work Week“, Tim Ferriss and Founder of AppSumo, Noah Kagan. During the filming of “Starting a Business” for the Tim Ferriss Experiment with Tim and Noah, I had launched a sold out business event prototype within fourty-eight hours in pre-paid tickets. Seven days later, I held a one and a half hour Disco Yoga community event and I generated my first $1,000 in pre-paid profit! This opened my eyes to possibility and reignited my passion for bringing people together.


Since then, I have used the same model to launch and grow events, workshops, and services doing what I love for purpose-driven women. I also have supported leaders and tech startups to grow their community so their business can thrive.

I love my life right now because I get to do what brings me joy and meaning with confidence! In the beginning of 2015, I bought my first road bike and rode 575 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days; and with my team raised over $200,000 for the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the L.A LGBT Center.

With my background and athletic upbringing, I am confident to support leaders by giving them the tools that I’ve learned and experienced so they can build their community, get their message and vision out into the world, and have a successful time doing it!



Producer – Disco Yoga SF

President – Alpha Phi Omega, Mu Zeta Chapter, San Francisco

Social Media Specialist – Samovar Tea

Community Builder & Event Coordinator – Lyft Inc.

Product Launch Lead  – Titan Urban

Event Promoter – Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival

Outreach Committee Team Member – Rise Yoga For Youth

Volunteer Interpreter Liason Coordinator – International Children’s Games

Credentials & Training

Speech and Communication Certificate – Foothill College

200hr Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance

Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Yoga for PTSD – Connected Warriors

B.A Communication Studies – San Francisco State University

Thrive Academy -Six-Figure Speaker Training and Heart Selling

GetClients.com with Dan Henry – Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs

Academy of Advertising with Jason Hornung – 7 years of mentorship



If you feel ready to take that big leap and take a stand for your mission by growing a community you desire, lets talk!



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