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Cindy was instrumental in helping WomanSpeak get off the ground. She brought passion, hard work and great strategy for us in building our community… many of which we still use today even several years later!

Working with Cindy was a joy and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to create strong engagement and marketing strategy.
We achieved significant growth by expanding chapters to more than eight states and six countries, all within a 6 month timeline!
Enrolling new certified leaders and members into the platform
KC Baker

Founder, WomanSpeak Inc

Cindy is amazing! We were able to get 120 people to sign up for free consultations and had almost 600 people sign up to be members in two monthsA great experience with Cindy!

Eric Drew

President & CEO, WealHeal

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About Cindy

For the last 20 years, as a Profitable Growth Partner, I’ve supported events, startups, enterprises, apps, non-profits, and local businesses to acquire more new customers and clients. Community building and making an impact is my passion. You can’t build a highly engaged community, a following, or acquire customers without a traffic of people!

  • Lyft Inc: 400% increase in users within two months as an early stage product launcher and community builder
  • WomanSpeak Inc:  Supported with National and International expansion within six months timespan as Director of Community and Marketing Lead
  • Featured on the Tim Ferriss Experiment and Wired Magazine where I sold out my beta product in 36hrs after ideation


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