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“Cindy embodies the very definition of inspiring. Her natural animating and enlivening influence is hard to ignore, as her humble presence brings light into any room. She has given me courage and support as an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and healer. I am forever grateful for the empowerment Cindy shares and the impact that has made on my life.”
Michelle Linane

Founder, Love Teaching Yoga

“Creative Genius is a beautiful gathering of female minds and hearts where we are nourished by delicious nutritious food and powerful engaging messages. A great experience for community, self-discovery and inspiration. I’ve been guided to become a better version of myself and live more in my purpose”
Diana Chow

UX Designer, Diana Chow

About Cindy

As a former athlete, certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, community builder, event promoter, and entrepreneur, Cindy has supported hundreds of people over the last ten years to ignite their creative genius, reconnect to their power, and find their voice through events, parties, and workshops. She uses her knowledge to support leaders in growing their communities all over the world.

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