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  • Maybe you need support with increasing sales?
  • Needing more customers?
  • Need management assistance because you’re overwhelmed and busy?
  • Wanting to build your community online or offline?
  • Don’t like to deal with tech or social media?
  • Have zero idea how to maximize and leverage Facebook Ads?
  • You have campaigns running but not sure why they aren’t profitable and aren’t scaling?

 I totally get it. Myself and my clients have all been there and I want you to know that you can get the support you need and deserve!


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A Collaborative Experience



What I do: 

I work with purpose-driven leaders and organizations who are making a difference in the world. I offer a full range of management, marketing, scaling, strategic business development, M&A, and community building services.

Whether you need to fill an event, making campaigns profitable, or product launches. I support my clients to integrate a community building and purpose driven approach to their existing work so they can build a movement of dedicated fans and followers.

Collaboration and Co-Creation:

I believe in focusing on creative collaboration where our goal is to make a difference, serve, and make conscious profit.

Who do I work with: 

I work with amazing people who have been in business for at least 2 years

Have generated sales and making at least $10,000/mo with a proven offer and/or products

Have a team and processes in place






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Cindy was instrumental in helping WomanSpeak get off the ground. She brought passion, hard work and great strategy for us in building our community…many of which we still use today even several years later! Working with Cindy was a joy and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to create strong community engagement and marketing strategy.

We grew by expanding locations to more than eight states and five countries, all within a 6 month timeline!
Enrolling new leaders, members, and students all over the world
KC Baker

Unleashing The Brilliance Of Women's Voices, WomanSpeak Inc

Before I worked with Cindy, I was offering workshops but would sit at the start time with my fingers crossed, not knowing if anyone would show up. I didn’t have a clue how to effectively fill my events. And putting my heart into planning only to have one or two, or sometimes no one, show up was very discouraging. With Cindy’s guidance we developed a method that I now know works. My last workshop sold out, and I have a waiting list for the next one. I can’t tell you what a joy and relief it is to know in advance that people will be there, and I can put my energy into creating the best event I can. Thank you, Cindy!
Lynn Hauka

Supporting Vets Who've Experienced Trauma, Quit The Crazy

It was amazing to work with Cindy! From the moment she hopped on board with The Feminine Empowerment Soirée things started to fall seamlessly into place. Before that, the hostess and I were juggling all of the event logistics on our own and although things were moving along…it was all happening, quite slowly. I was having a hard time even getting venue contacts to call me back! Once Cindy joined the team, it was just the active energy we needed. A clear plan of action was created that masterfully highlighted our strengths. For the first time, I was able to let go of the need to control every little detail of event planning because I could tell it was being handled professionally, by an expert who knew what the hell she was doing. This allowed me to focus on what I DO BEST — creating potent feminine empowerment workshops. The event was a hit! There wasn’t a seat left in the house! Seriously…more people arrived than had RSVP’d, people were coming up with the strangest things to use as chairs and several just sat on the floor! Rave reviews all around!

Yarah Sutra

Activate Your Desire

Cindy is wonderful and has guided the Eric Drew Foundation which operates WeHeal, through our first social media campaign. She has a keen understanding of the audience we need to reach and spent time navigating through the process for us and honing our campaigns to reach more people. We were able to get 120 people to sign up for free cancer consultations and had almost 600 people sign up to be members of our site! We also had greatly increased activity to our site and learned about who is interested in our services.

A great experience with Cindy!

Ruth Haring

In less than two weeks, Cindy helped me organize an event for leaders who wanted a bigger vision and a deeper value. The event had a full house, champagne and chocolate, and lots of transformation. I recommend Cindy because she can make things happen if you have a vision that serves a community. It’s up to you to step up to that vision, but she’ll help you unlock more of your voice, step into your power with your audience, and have a great time doing it.

Alex Iglecia

Be Epic Experience