Mentorship allows you to see the hope inside yourself

Before I met Cindy, I was very tense, distracted and nervousphysically, mentally and emotionally. I was working in a toxic work environment that made me lose morale and feel depressed. I knew I could have a better life but I didn’t know how to make that happen.

When I met Cindy and started working with her, I had two immense breakthroughs.

First, Cindy taught me how to make concrete short term goals and meet those goals in a certain time frame. I accomplished more in three weeks than I did previously in six months! Secondly, upon mentoring me and asking me questions about where I wanted to go in life, Cindy helped me identify that I wasn’t able to make clear decisions because I was so overworked and stressed out. I had no energy to focus on creating a new life. This helped me greatly because it was then I knew, at heart, that I wasn’t lost or aimless.

Since working with Cindy, I quit my burdensome job and am now working in a healthy and happy new position, with the abundant energy and focus I need to work on my other dreams and pursuits. Thank you Cindy!!! You came into my life like an angel, at the perfect time! I’m so blessed and grateful to have met you!

Eden A.

Film Maker and Writing Coach

It's your time to shine!

I am so honored and excited to work with you to help you go from feeling stressed to shining! I understand what it’s like to feel isolated, tired, lost, and full of anxiety. I’ve been there. And I know it’s possible to live a more passionate life, to live your truth, and to do work that you really love! 

If you are ready to get started today, I invite you sit down with me and we will create an action plan to live a life that is aligned to your creative genius!

And guess what, I’ll even gift you our first 30 minute session together at no charge! It makes me so happy to be offering this work in the world. I believe in you!